Based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA
Regionals held in Glendale/Los Angeles area and SFO Bay area.

Global Event in February in Anaheim
Presented by Tonya and Atlantis
and Produced by Bellydancer of the Universe®, ©2017

28th Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition

FEBRUARY 17 & 18, 2018
at the Business Expo Center
1960 So Anaheim Way, Anaheim, CA 92805


$1,000 Cash Prize SPONSOR

RScontrol Systems


RS Control Systems has 25 years experience providing control system design, programming and commissioning services to process industries clients. Disinfection, Recycled Water, Emissions.


$1,000 Cash Prize SPONSOR

Turquoise International



Exceptional bellydance couture


$1,000 Cash Prize SPONSOR

Diamond Pyramid


Rare goods and bellydance attire

(Kids & Adults) Category
$500 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR

Hollywood Music Center

(Kids & Adults) Category
$500 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR

Talking Puffins, Design & Print

Your 'go-to' place for digital graphic design and photo fix needs! 


Taxsim Category
$300 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR
Market At The Casbah

Hafla & Swap Meet

Taxsim Category
$300 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR
Kiwa BioTech

eaders of Standardized, Ecological, and Safe Agriculture.

Drum Solo Category
$300 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR
Oriental Bliss

Drum Solo Category
$300 Cash Prize CO-SPONSOR

Natika, 2017 Hall of Fame Champion

Specialty Props Category
$300 Cash Prize SPONSOR

Bellydance Chronicles

Designer of the Universe
$300 Cash Prize SPONSOR
Lucia Dance


Fusion Category
$300 Cash Prize SPONSOR

Prince/Princess of the Universe Category
$300 Cash Prize SPONSOR
Children's Place School

When you think of education for your little princess, think Children's Place Montessori School.

God/Goddess Category
$300 Cash Prize SPONSOR



Starlette Category
$100 Cash Prize SPONSOR
Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition



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