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NOTE: You do not have to win a regional competition to compete in the global event.



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2019 Workshops

Workshops with Rachid Alexander & Leyla Amir take place on the Competitive Stage each day!!!

Bellydancer of the Universe® is offering competitiors and students alike, a chance to dance on the performance stage of the stars!              Don't be left out -- Register Now!

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Bellydancer Of The Universe & Global Bellydance X-PO

If you would like to register for classes, please go to WWW.PAYPAL.COM.

~*~ PayPal seller: tonya-and-atlantis@charter.net

In "Note to Seller," please include the NAME/ DAY/ & TIME of the workshop(s) that you are attending. Please note: Workshop purchase does not include admission to the event. Do not forget to add your $32 General admission fee if you would like to attend the actual event as workshops do not include general admission unless you are taking two workshops on the same day.

NOTE: In "Note to Seller", please include which day your General Admission Ticket is for: Saturday, March 2, 2019 or Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Daily General Admission : $30 CASH at the Door / $32 PayPal at the Door.
Kids Under 10: $15 CASH at the Door / $17
General Admission includes Vendors, All competitions, Evening Shows

*NO Strollers, Back Packs, Suitcases allowed in theater unless competing.
*NO Video cameras, NO flash photography.

Teaching & Performing in the Saturday Evening in Celebrity Show!

Rachid Alexander!
Direct from Amsterdam and our Star for 2019!



Rachid:   Oriental Technique
Saturday, 10am to 12 (noon)
$70 CASH at the door / $72 vial PayPal
(does not include free event admission: $30 CASH at the door / $32 via PayPal)

Rachid will be teaching you different kinds of fluid and graceful movements combined with staccato accents while working on an oriental entrance piece. He will focus on nice body alighment, spins, pattern footwork, and isolations while we dance to several rhythms including Malfuf, Samai, and Balady.

Rachid:†† Shimmies & Drum Solo Combos -
Sunday, 10am to 12 (noon)
$70 CASH at the door / $72 vial PayPal
(does not include free event admission: $30 CASH at the door / $32 via PayPal)

Join Rachid in an energetic workshop where he will teach more than 10 different kinds of Shimmies!!! He will be explaining the technique on how to correctly execute these shimmies and how you can layer and combine the shimmies with oriental moves. Some of the shimmies include: Freeze, Egyptian, Hip Twist, Lebanese Stamp, Samba, Vibration Shimmy and more! At the end of the workshop we will put them all together in a dynamic drum solo.

Rachid Alexander is a well-educated Oriental dancer born on the island of Curacao. He was inspired by the intriguing art of oriental dance when he was a little boy, whilst he was visiting a theme park in the Netherlands. Once he had returned to the island of Curacao he decided to learn the art of oriental dance and was trained by Zareefa al Noor and took lessons at the MEDE (Middle Eastern dance exchange) in Miami with other great dance teachers and masters.

This will be Rachid's *only* appearance in the United States in 2019! Do not miss this fabulous technician in action through workshops and performances! He is also one of our esteemed judges on our Celebrity Judging Panel for Bellydancer of the Universe Competition, 2019!

Rachid has just returned from his expansive and amazing 2018 European Tour and cannot wait to say hello to everyone in the USA -- in his *one and only appearance in the United States in 2019*!

Now residing in The Netherlands, he is one of Europeís most sought after male belly dancers. Rachid performs all over Europe, the USA, Asia and The Caribbean in dance festivals, expos and galas. He teaches workshops to share this art and passion!

Highlights of his dance career include; dancing in the Antilles, performing at the prestigious Amstel hotel, Holland Casino and the annual Society lunch for many well-known Dutch Stars in The Netherlands. Touring during the Dunya Festival, Afrika Tage festival and being chosen as one of the best acts amongst the 2500 auditions in Hollandís Got Talent have also been great achievements during his career.

Rachid has also been featured several times in magazines, newspapers and in TV programs.

His dance style can be described as intricate, passionate and dynamic and is full of dynamic energy and passion he reveals the beauty of oriental dance on Middle Eastern rhythms!!!


Rachid performing a classical Oum Kalthoum piece:
Esel Ruhek Show: Orientalische Nacht Leipzig




Leyla: Technique/Choreography to Sha'abi.
Saturday, 12 (noon) to 2pm
$45 CASH at the door / $47 if using PayPal
(does not include free event admission: $30 CASH at the door / $32 via PayPal)

Sha'abi music is known as the peoples music in the city. . . .specifically Cairo. It is often very fun, playful, and loose in style. For show performance, it is used as a second show or for a great hafla performance! The costuming is also loose, allowing for numerous styles from dress to jeans. Leyla will be teachng to a sha'abi song found on her CD.

Leyla Amir has had a long career as an Instructor and Professional Performer Internationally...including 9 yrs in Egypt performing with a 5 star License.† She was the first recorded from USA to receive this prestigious honor.† She continues to dedicate her time to passing on her knowledge of MEDance as an Educator and Performer at select events. In Las Vegas, she annually Co-Produces† "Dreams From Cairo" International Intense Event....Bringing her love for the dance to many.† Her workshop will expand and enhance your knowledge.

www.facebook.com/TheLeylaAmir        www.leylaamir.com





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