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Atlantis:   310.990.9549    or    tonya-and-atlantis@charter.net

NOTE: You do not have to win a regional competition to compete in the global event.



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Judges Workshop Series

Purchase $100 in classes,
Get 1 Free Sunday BDUC/X-PO ticket.

Purchase all 12 classes for $220 (Save $20!)
Get 2 Free Sunday BDUC/X-PO tickets!

CASH ONLY at the door.
Purchases over $100 please use PayPal.

(PayPal seller: tonya-and-atlantis@charter.net
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Saturday 11am to Noon:

   Georgette:  Fabulous Wings

I have a unique way to use Isis wings and I would love to teach you....Learn how to dance in a different and fun way!

In this 1 hour we will learn:

   * How to use ISIS wings not attached at your neck
   * Styling
   * Posture
   * Entrance 
   * Spins and turns
   * My favorite combos from "Tormenta" (storm) my unique choreography 

Workshop is suitable for all levels -- spins and turning ability is a plus!

Saturday Noon to 1pm:

   Atlantis:  Tenuous Taxsim

Need help when the music goes slow? Let your heart tell you the way to go! Learn to choose the instruments that speak to your heart -be it primary or secondary.

Explore alternating rhythm's, musical crescendos, accents, all accompanied by captivating arm movements, sound body isolation and sensual shimmies! 

All this will add layers to your dance and enhance your stage charisma!

To thoroughly explore taxsim, we will work with two different types of  Taxsim:   One will be Kanoon and one violin.

Saturday 1pm - 2pm:

   Tonya Chianis:  Improv Made Easy

Learn simple techniques to fill in the gaps should you forget your routine; or to be able to start and keep dancing - whether you’re familiar with the music or not!

With a few specific steps & movements to fall back on, this class will help you to better understand your music and your dance and definitely relieve *any* anxiety you may have about improvisation!

Learn to step out of the box and let your personality shine on the dance floor!

Saturday 2pm - 3pm:

   Jayna Manoushe:   Hot Little Drum Solo

Considering the time constrictions dancers face when performing these days, having a quick and dynamic one minute drum solo in your back packet can be a real life-saver!

Jayna will teach a "hot little drum solo" choreography that will end your show smokin' and leave them wanting more!

Saturday 3pm - 4pm:

   Marta Schill:  Glam Cab - Secrets Revealed!

Presenting the exciting transition from 70's Cabaret Bellydance - both musical and choreographic - into the changing club scene for 2020!

Experience the concepts and moves that changed the entire performance strategy and execution by Bellydance artists on the Cabaret Stage!

Saturday 4pm - 5pm:

   Jasmina:   Drills & Choreography to Oum Kalthoum

Jasmina will be guiding you through isolation techniques and short drills, to warm you up for a short choreography to classical Oum Kalthoum.


Sunday 11am to Noon:

Tanya Lemani George:  "I'm Ready for My Close-up Now" - Stage and Camera Performance Analysis

 The camera and live performances all fall into the same techniques. I first break down the performance then go to the camera angles and focus.


1. Break down your dance into beats.

a. Make them happy
b. Seduce them
c. Create mystery
d. Make them want to dance
e. How to create your own style.


1. How to use the camera and why.
2. Focus.

Sunday Noon - 1pm:

Angelika Nemeth:  Yoga Fusion Bellydance

The class will start with a brief explanation on the benefits of abdominal or yogic breathing, followed by exercises and poses to warm up the spine.

We will work with grounding, relating yogic poses to belly dance movements, as well as exploring belly dance movements that activate our chakras or energetic system.

With the body more grounded, the muscles and spine warmed up, and better mental focus, our dance is empowered and we have more fun!

Sunday 1pm - 2pm:

   Helena Vlahos:  Slow & Fast Greek Chiftetelli and                                                                   Arabic Slow Chiftetelli

This class will examine the differences between the three chiftetelli's: Slow and Fast Greek Chiftetelli, and Arabic Slow Chiftetelli.

Rhythm changes, and examples of music with movements and steps to match each style of music will be given.

Zills are optional for the Greek Chiftetelli.

Sunday 2pm - 3pm:

   Mesmera:   Zills - Playing Finger Cymbals

Pattern changes and tonal variations give voice to your dance by adding texture and emphasis. Like when a bright marker highlights written language, zills can convey feelings, attitude, match the rhythm, melody, comment in addy and even be conversational.

Mesmera’s approach to playing is easy no matter what style of dance you prefer. Learn to count music as you Dance and Play popular Bellydance rhythms including BDUC Competition requirements:

  • 4/4 Beladi
  • 6/8 Persian
  • 8/4 Chiftielli
  • 9/8 Turkish

Please BYOZ and check your elastics before class.

(BYOZ = Bring Your Own Zills.)

Sunday 3pm - 4pm:

  Indra:   Be a Universal Star w 4/4, 6/8, & 9/8 Dance Styles!

This class will focus on dance STYLIZATION associated with 4/8, 6/8, and 9/8 rhythms.

We will dive into key dance movement and combination, components and technique found in each rhythm to create rich layers and inspiration for your next competition performance!

Zils Not required! Please bring H2O, and a yoga mat for stretching (if needed).

Sunday 4pm - 5pm:

   Anisa:  Using Your And's - Timings & Transitions . . .                                               Movement . . . Rhythms . . . Accents!

Executing one technical step after another may be exciting, but the "and" is where the magic happens. An "and" can be as simple as a breath that invokes anticipation, or your arms guiding the next movement before it happens.

In this workshop we will focus on counting measures and beats, so that you are dancing to and with the music! Counting the “ands” during the measures (1-2-3&4, 5-6-7&8 & 1) aids in smooth transitions from one step to another, and suggests when to pause and/or stop, when and how to use accents, or change the tone of the dance by either half-timing or double-timing your movements.

We will also focus on arm and hand movements, using your back, shoulder blades and lats to connect your arms with your body, and making smooth transitions with the music by changing your arm patterns during the “and” part of the measure.

No matter what form it takes, using the "and" is what adds next level dimension and artistry to your dance.

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