29th Annual Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
& Global Belly Dance X-PO

First Global Bellydance Expo of its kind in the United States!

March 2-3, 2019    M3 Live Theater Anaheim, California
(5 minutes from Disneyland!)

~ Beautiful Concert Stage to Compete and Perform On
~ Cutting edge Original Competitive Categories
~ Unique Comprehensive Classes        ~ Best in Music, Dance, Creativity
~ Unmatched for men, women, children and groups

~ Exclusive Award Winning Master Judging Panel found only at Bellydancer of the Universe ®
and giving you comprehensive feedback on your performance!

Atlantis:   310.990.9549    or    tonya-and-atlantis@charter.net

NOTE: You do not have to win a regional competition to compete in the global event in March.



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JUNE:    SO CAL Regionals

SEP:    LAS VEGAS Regionals

NOV:    NO CAL Regionals

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Past Competitions:

BDUC 2018

BDUC 2017

BDUC 2000 - 2016

2013 Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
The Bellydancer of the Universe Champions 2013

Champion of Champions, Jamilah, with Tonya & Atlantis
L-R: Dr. Samy Farag of Sphinx Records, Sponsor of Egyptian Category, Atlantis, Jamilah of Poland, Champion of Champions, and Tonya

~Champion of Champions = Jamilah Egyptian Category – Poland
~Universal Champion = Maria – CA
1st RU = Masha - CA
2nd RU = Anjelica Scannura - Canada
3rd RU = Courtney - CA
Congeniality: Lara - CA
People's Choice: Lara – CA
~Egyptian Champion = Jamilah – Poland
1st RU = Badriyah – Czech Rep
2nd RU = Courtney – CA
3rd RU = Jayanti – Czech Rep.
Congeniality: Asiya - CA
People's Choice:  Jamilah – Poland
~Group Champion = Rus Sharkies - Russia
1st RU = Al Fayyum Dancers – Czech Rep.
2nd RU = Layla & the Lotus Dancers – CA
3rd RU = Khamsin - CA
Congeniality: Sofiya Kopoteva & Anastasiya Shamryluk – Ukraine
People's Choice: Layla & the Lotus Dancers – CA

~Drum Solo Champion = Anjelica Scannura - Canada
1st RU = Oleg – Russia
2nd RU = Cassandra Fox - Canada
3rd RU = Badriyah – Czech Rep.
Congeniality: Liviah - CA
People's Choice: Courtney - CA
~Taxsim Champion = Anjelica Scannura - Canada
1st RU = Badia - CA
2nd RU = Eyyam - Poland
3rd RU = Oleg - Russia
People's Choice: Anjelica Scannura - Canada
~Fusion Champion = Anjelica Scannura - Canada
1st RU = Oleg - Russia
2nd RU= Karlos Khalil – Puerto Rico
3rd Runner Up = Badriyah – Czech Rep.
Congeniality: Nicole McLaren - Switzerland
People's Choice: Karlos Khalil- Puerto Rico
~Specialty Props Solo Champion = Natika - Russia
1st RU = Irina – CA
2nd RU = Nilay – Turkey
3rd RU = Mireya Yamilet - CA
Congeniality:  Nicole McClaren - Switzerland
People's Choice: Irina – CA
~Family Duet = Belly Sema – CA
1st RU = Sofiya Kopoteva & Anastasiya Shamryluk – Ukraine
2nd RU = Wah-heedah – CA
3rd RU = Daughters of the Wind - CA
Congeniality:  Sofiya Kopoteva & Anastasiya Shamryluk – Ukraine
People's Choice: Sofiya Kopoteva & Anastasiya Shamryluk – Ukraine
~Junior Champion = Anastasia Shamryluk – Ukraine
1st RU = Melanie Tacher - CA
2nd RU = Jessica – CA
3rd RU = Anastasiya Bronovska - Ukraine
~Little Champion = Kassandra  – CA
1st RU = Brianna - CA
2nd RU = Sofiya Kopoteva - Ukraine
3rd RU = Enrique - CA


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