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UPDATE 2007 - from Tonya and Atlantis

Our Mission Statement: To present Middle Eastern Dance as a force for good at all times in all ways, with dignity and respect.

This year has brought great good in all endeavors!

Tonya and Atlantis have produced over 100 BD videos and DVDs through the Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition. Our first Mega Stars of the Universe DVD has completely sold out! We are diligently working on the next. Our workshop agenda for this year's Competition was truly the Ultimate in Dance Education. Our Competition theme, "Generations and Legends of the Dance" featured, for the first time in the Universe, the largest gathering of Mothers, Sons, Sisters and Daughters of the dance. It won the attention of aspiring as well as professional dancers from across the globe.

We are proud to announce the Bellydancer of the Universe recording series, "Ecstasy in Belly Dancing" has produced its newest release (Volume II) entitled "Atlantis," featuring routines for the Universal, Egyptian and Fusion artists. All songs, words and music composed by Tonya Chianis, R. SC, P. Tonya has poured her heart and soul into this CD to create a cultural Mecca of music for all styles of Belly Dance you are sure to enjoy!

We are in the process of completing a new performance DVD to go with our new CD Atlantis. It will feature individual performances to exemplify the styles of Universal, Egyptian and Fusion Belly Dance, soon to be released.

Atlantis continues to be in the forefront of the Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition. She also performs and choreographs for many glamorous star studded shows and red carpet events. She runs a very successful dance and entertainment agency and will be teaching and performing at "Tribal Fest" and the Desert Dance Festival, both in Northern California. Atlantis has been selected for inclusion in the Biltmore Who's Who among Executives and Professional Women, in the upcoming 2007 "Honors Edition" of the registry.

They will soon celebrate 16 years of Tonya's weekly Original Belly Dance Showcases, also featuring her Annual Spirit of Christmas and Bellydancer of the Universe Mega Start Extravaganza.

Tonya and Atlantis are once again honored to be President and Vice-president of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association, Beach Cities Chapter. Tonya's classes continue to thrive, and she is most grateful for her continuing work as a Practitioner of Religious Science. We once again supported the care and feeding of our five rescued horses now living at the Equus Sanctuary, P.O. Box 3673, Glendale, CA 91221. (Any financial support would be greatly appreciated.)

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year, February 16 and 17, 2008 in beautiful Long Beach, California.

Love and Peace to All,
Tonya and Atlantis

Bellydancer of the Universe Orchestra. Live Music for Universal Finals.
L-R, Andreas Tsianis - Clarinet; Carlos - Kanoon; Viken Najarian - Oud.

Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competitions™
BDUC 2007 Trophies

Tonya & Atlantis, the most highly awarded Mother/Daughter Dance Duo, presented The 17th Annual Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competitions™ and International Dance Festival with
"Generations and Legends" of the Dance, Starring Mothers, Sons, Sisters and Daughters! in 18 Dance Workshops at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.
Thank you all for participating! You are all winners.

TONYA  AND ATLANTIS ARE PROUD TO PRESENT THE '07 CHAMPIONS of The Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competitions™

Bellydancer of the Universe Orchestra
L-R: Andreas Tsianis, Clarinet; Carlos Devecioglu, Kanoon; Viken Najarian, Oud


Divine Solo

Ana, Divine Champion
Atlantis with Ana, Divine Champion,
People's Choice, and Congeniality: CA

Deborah, First Runner Up, Divine Category
Atlantis and Deborah, Divine, 1st Runner Up: CA

Dejah - Divine, 2nd Runner Up: TX (now in CA)

Drum Solo / Solo Dancer

Ahave, Drum Solo Champion

Atlantis with Drum Solo Champion and People's Choice, Ahava: CA

Angela Prato - 1st Runner Up, OH
Amanda Rose - 2nd Runner Up, AZ
Aleya - 3rd Runner Up, CA

Atlantis with Viviane, Drum Solo Congeneliaty, TX
Atlantis with Drum Solo - Congeniality: Viviane, TX

Tribal Fusion Solo Champions

Heather Shoopman and Atlantis
Tribal Fusion Solo Champion and People's Choice, Heather Shoopman: CA

Jane Archer and Atlantis
Atlantis and Tribal Fusion Solo, 1st Runner Up, Jane Archer: OR

Tribal Fusion Solo 2nd RU, Sooz, CA, with Atlantis
Atlantis with Tribal Fusion Solo 2nd RU and Congeniality, Sooz: CA

Saahira, Sorceress of the Emerald Winds - 3rd Runner Up, CA

Junior Solo Champions

Minjae Lim, Junior Solo Champion, with Atlantis
Atlantis with Junior Solo Champion, Minjae Lim of So. Korea

Mayette, 1st Runner Up, Junior Solo Category, with Atlantis
Atlantis with Mayette - Junior Solo, 1st Runner Up: CA

Ivy Elaine Ashmoore - 2nd Runner Up, AZ
Louise Sarigumba - 3rd Runner Up, CA

Junior Group Champions

Tonya aqnd Jewels of Meihana

Tonya with Junior Group Champions, Jewels of Meihana: CA

Rahabi, First Runner Up, Junior Group
Tonya with Junior Group, 1st Runner Up, Rahabi:, CA

Little Solo Champions

Little Solo Champions with Tonya

Top, Left: Minsun-Lee - 1st Runner Up, So Korea with Tonya.
L-R, Middle Row: Princess Mikayla - 3rd Runner Up, CA;
Yesenia Garcia - 2nd Runner Up, CA
Center Front: Monique Sanchez Guadalupe - Champion, Puerto Rico.

NEW! Solo Veil Champions:

Veil Champion, Joulya, with Tonya
Tonya with Veil Champion, Congeniality and People's Choice, Joulya: CA

Naiya, First Runner Up, Veil Category, with Tonya
Tonya with 1st Runner Up, Veil Category, Naiya: CA

Regine - 2nd Runner Up, CA
Nitara - 3rd Runner Up, CA

Tribal Group Champions

Tonya with Tribal Group Champion and People's Choice, Unmata: CA

Black Sheet Bellydance, Tribal Group 1st Runner Up
Tonya with Tribal Group Black Sheep Bellydance,
1st Runner Up and Congeniality: CA

She'enedra, 2nd Runner Up, California
Tonya with Tribal Group She'enedra - 2nd Runner Up, CA


Fusion Solo Champions

Fusion Solo Champion, Viviane, Texas
Atlantis with Fusion Solo Champion, Viviane: TX

Fusion Solo 1st Runner Up, Dahlia with Atlantis
Atlantis with Dahlia, Fusion Solo 1st Runner Up: WA

Roxana, Fusion Solo 2nd Runner Up, with Atlantis
Atlantis with Fusion Solo 2nd Runner Up and People's Choice, Roxana: CA

Shabnam, Fusion Solo 3rd Runner Up
Atlantis with Fusion Solo 3rd Runner Up, Shabnam: CA

Egyptian Solo Champions

Atlantis with Egyptian Champions

L-R: Joulya, 2nd RU, CA; Ahava - Champion, CA;
Aleya - 1st RU, CA; Viviane - 3rd RU, TX. Atlantis kneeling in front.

Atlantis with Hyunjin Kim, South Korea, People's Choice Winner
Atlantis with People's Choice, Hyunjin Kim of South Korea

Tonya and Innah
Tonya with Egyptian Congeniality winner, Innah: IA

Universal Champions

Universal Champions
Right - Left: Champion, Dahlia, WA;
3rd RU, Nadira, WA; 1st RU, Andalee, CA;
2nd RU and People's Choice, Joulya, CA.
Atlantis kneeling in foreground.

Dahlia, Universal Champion
Atlantis with Dahlia - Universal Champion, WA

Atlantis and Chris, Universal Congeniality Winner
Atlantis with Cris!, Universal - Congeniality: CA

Adult Group Champions
Adult Group Champions w/Emil Siha, Diamond Pyramid
Flower Buds of the Desert - Adult Group Champion, CA
with Sponsor, Emil Siha, Diamond Pyramid

The Shimmy Sisters - 1st Runner Up, CA
Belly Dance Odessy Raks - 2nd Runner Up, CA
Malaika - 3rd Runner Up, CA
People's Choice: The Shimmy Sisters, CA
Congeniality: Girls of Alexandria, CA

Note: Listed above are the highest scoring dancers in each category. We thank everyone for participating and giving us your personal best. We hope you enjoyed the event and accomplished your personal and performance goals. There are many events and we thank you for coming to the Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition '07.

Best Always, Tonya and Atlantis.


Tonya with John Bilezikjian,
BDUC Lifetime Achievement Award 2007

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