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25th Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe® Competitions

2015 BDUC Champions

~Champion of the Universe = Jasmina Egyptian Category – CA
~Universal Champion = Roxy – WA
1st RU = Nilay - Turkey
2nd RU = Georgia Michelle - CO
3rd RU = Nadirah – CA
Congeniality: Nilay - Turkey
People's Choice: Roxy – WA
~Egyptian Champion = Jasmina – CA
1st RU = Roxy – WA
2nd RU = Heaven Mousalem – CA
3rd RU = Victoria – Ukraine
Congeniality: Lunaya - AZ
People's Choice:  Antheya – AZ

~Group Champion = Raqs Sharki Movement Collective – AZ
1st RU = Raks El Hawat – Mexico
2nd RU = Ya Amar Bellydance Troupe - Mexico
3rd RU = Butterflies – CA
Congeniality: Layla & the Lotus Dancers - CA
People's Choice: Raks El Hawat - Mexico
~Drum Solo Champion = Heaven Mousalem - CA
1st RU = Natika – Russia
2nd RU = Jizzelle - CA
3rd RU = Prenali – India
Congeniality: Jizzelle - CA
People's Choice: Jizzelle - CA
~Taxsim Champion = Nilay - Turkey
1st RU = Carol - WA
2nd RU = Elena Nayiri - CO
3rd RU = Cabernet - CA
People's Choice: Carol - WA
~Specialty Props Champion = Roxy – WA
1st RU = Maryam - Mexico
2nd RU= Carol – WA
3rd  RU = Rachel – CA
Congeniality: Maryam – Mexico
People's Choice: Maryam – Mexico
~Fusion Champion = Gaia – Costa Rica
1st RU = Tatiana – Russia
2nd RU = Rachel – CA
3rd RU = Natika - Russia
Congeniality:  Gaia – Costa Rica
People's Choice: Tatiana – Russia
~Junior Champion = Amy – CA
1st RU = Jocelyn – CA
2nd RU = Janellie – CA
~Little Champion = Ariatna - Mexico
1st RU = Alena - Russia
2nd RU = Gena Rose – CA
3rd RU = Isabella - CA


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