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14th Annual Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competitions

"Happy New Year to all! We continue to thank the Universe for the Blessings this competition brings to all. It has received worldwide recognition and is the ultimate pleasurable learning experience.

We thank you for your support of all our endeavors and invite you to attend our famous 'Original Belly Dance Showcase,' now in its 13th year, where every Wednesday evening we feature the finest Belly Dancers. and live music, as well as many fabulous show extravaganzas throughtout the year.

AtlantisAtlantis and I are very proud to continue our service to MECDA's Beach Cities Chapter, as President and Vice President. Atlantis continues to perform and book entertainment through her company, Belly Dancers of the Universe, for Papadakis Taverna and the finest hotels and events in the Southern California area.

I was deeply honored this year to receive my second LIfetime Achievement Award from the Middle Eastern Culture & Dance Association and promise to do my best to live up to this great honor. I thank you deeply. Classes continue to soar and I'm adding a new daytime class on Wednesdays, from 10:30am -12:30pm at Cypress College. I continue my work as a Practitioner on the phone lines for World Ministry of Prayer and at the Seal Beach Church of Religious Science. Once again we sent our annual donation for the care and upkeep of the five horses we rescued from slaughter through the Equus Sanctuary, POBox 3673, Glendale, CA 91221.

The 2004 Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition is dedicated to our wonderful Trophy and Cash Sponsors.

Love & Peace to All, T onya & Atlantis

AtlantisTrophy Sponsors

Mr. Harry Saroyan of Saroyan Manufacturing, P. O. Box 2056, Riverside, CA 92516,
909-276-9925, www.saroyanzils.com

Mr. Ralph Karapetian of All Star Tire Company, 2735 E. Artesia Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805, 562-634-5579

Cash Sponsors
Sponsorship for Universal Category: $500.00 is Dr. Samy Farag of Sphinx Records, PO Box 27241, Hollywood, CA 90027,866-291-0825 www.sphinxrecords.com. Sponsorship for Egyptian Category: $300.00 is Turquoise International, 22830 Califa St, Woodland Hills, CA 91767, 818-999-5542 or 800-548-9422 www.turquoiseintl.com
Sponsorship for Group Category: $300.00 is the Siha family of Diamond Pyramid, 1701 S. Grove Ave, #E, Ontario, CA 91761,909-930-9649 or 909-227-2019 www.diamondpyramid.net.
We are honored and proud to have these wonderful people as our associates in this prestigious competition and thank them deeply for their love and support.

Gift Certificate $200.00 - Universal category donated by Andrea Farese, Babylon Breeze Productions and Sultana Fashions, www.sevenveils.com.

Other cash prizes and Magic Lamp Awards by Tonya & Atlantis. Paid performances to various Champions of BDUC are pending mutual agreement.

Avianna, winner of the Halame Congeniality Award


The Halame Congeniality Awards Halame - Judge Emeritus. Halame was the true example of "living life to the fullest". She will never be forgotten and we honor her with our Halame Congeniality Awards.

This year's winner of the Congeniality Award is Avianna of Southern California, pictured at left with Tonya. Avianna also won the Championship in the Divine Category.


Acknowledgements The Drum Solo for the Finals Competition, in the Egyptian and Universal Categories, graciously provided by Dr. Samy Farag, www.sphinxrecords.com

All competitions: Moonlite Fantasy DJs 562-864-4985
Live Music: Legacy Ensemble, Viken Najarian & Carlos Devecioglu with Andreas Tsianis on clarinet
Scorekeepers: Devora Stamoulos & Kari Sprowl Lucy Diaz & Cindy Duff
Timekeepers: Irmgard Rogers & Lorraine Bauchiero
Photography: Benny Campa 626-338-6773
Videotaping: Arnie Lamer 818-343-5354
Program: Pauline Hodgson

Special Thanks To: Harry & Betty Saroyan, Ralph Karapetian, Dr. Samy Farag, Turquoise International, Diamond Pyramid, Andrea Farese, Angelika Nemeth, L\lcy Diaz, Cindy Duff, Devora Stamoulos, Kari Sprowl, Holly Hillman, Sherrie Hillman, Pauline Hodgson, June Jones, Irmgard Rogers, Lorraine Banchiero, Marta Schill, Beatriz Martinez, Of Veils & Incense, Essence of Veils, Moonlite Fantasy DJ's, Viken Najarian, Carlos Devecioglu, Andreas Tsianis, Benny Campa, Arnie Lamer, Jeanie Cafferty, Cari & Dan Trimper, Sue & Scott Sanders, MECDA, Crystal from Galley Catering, and to all our wonderful assistants and to everyone who helped make this event such a wonderful success.

Love & Peace to All. Be kind to the Animals --Tonya & Atlantis


IN REMEMBRANCE: We deeply regret the passing of Mimi Spencer, our friend and very talented musician, who supported the BDUC in prior years.

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