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Come Join Us Sunday, August 11, 2024

for the *Live Finals* in both the Pre-recorded and Live categories,
the crowning of the Bellydancer of the Universe, Gold Queen for 2024!!!

*And* the recognizition of our Icon Award Winners!!!

So proud of *ALL* of the Contestants who entered the
Bellydancer of the Universe (R) Competition 2024!!!

We are honored to announce the BDUC 2024 Preliminary Results:


to the Pre-Recorded 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place Winners in each category ...
* and * to the top 3 in each of the Live Improv Categories!!!

Join us August 11 to watch the 1st Place Pre-Recorded category winners,
and the top 3 in each of the Live Improv categories
compete *LIVE* for the title of
Bellydancer of the Universe (R) Gold Queen Champion, $5000 in Cash, ... plus prizes!

Bellydancer of the Universe Competition (R) & Icon Awards
*LIVE* August 11, 2024 !!!    Doors Open at Noon - Close at 5pm!

Workshop with Amina Goodyear at 1030-1130am on August 11 at the Assistance League Theatre in Hollywood, CA!

Check out Admission Fees for our *Live* Event (special rate for Groups of 6 or more), and Amina's Workshop, on the green flyer!

The Bellydancer of the Universe (R) Orchestra will be performing *Live* for the 9 Global Finalists!

Check out our splendid Sponsors and amazing Judges who have contributed so much to the success of the 2024 Bellydancer of the Universe (R) Competition!

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A Glimpse into Tonya and Atlantis, Producers of The Bellydancer of the Universe ® Competition!

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Our 2023 Champions!

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This was my first dance competition and it was such an incredible experience! I won first place for the drum solo category!!! Congratulations to the Gold Queen Winner, Mariela Sawi.

I want to thank my coach Georgette Bellydancer for preparing me for the competition. I wouldn't have gone this far without you!

Thank you to my friends that came to support and cheer me on!!

I am so proud myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new!

Thank you Bellydancer of the Universe for allowing me the opportunity to perform on stage!

Sofia Ishtar
Champion Drum Solo Category 2023

* ----- *

Hi Tonya and Atlantis,

First of all, thank you for inviting me to help out this year.   Jeannette was so fun to hang out with.

You guys did it again!!!!!   Another FABULOUS BDUC!   So smart to do a VIRAL / LIVE BDUC this year!!!!!   Amazing job you did with this. I'm sure it was a lot of work!!!

Loved everything about it:   flamenco guitar player, the group performance in the courtyard.   Loved the class I had with Anjelica - so much fun.   Princess Farhana tarot card reading, etc

The variety of the foods to choose from was perfect.   I had the charcuterie and it was delicious,   Really hit the spot!

What I noticed the most - everybody was excited and happy to be there!

You both really did an excellent job -- it was so well organized, and everything seemed to run so smoothly.

You knocked it out of the park!!!

Asmara / Mary Ann

* ----- *

Hi Atlantis and Tonya!

I wanted to congratulate both of you!   Everyone I talk to that was at your event sang your praises!

I wish I could've been there.

Hope you're both doing well and you both look amazing in the pcitures that I've seen!

Sending Bunches of Hugs,

* ----- *

I would like to thank Bellydancer of the Universe Competition, Atlantis, and Tonya Chianis for making this virtual experience so pleasurable; for adapting and evolving every year to givee the best experience possible to the dancer and audience.

Thank you Atlantis for being available to answer questions and provide positivity.   Online events can sometimes be even trickier than live productions, and they left no stone unturned.   I especially enjoyed the footage from the vintage showcases and BDUCs!

I would also kike to thank the judges for their time and expertise.   I admire and look up to every single one of you!!!!

Everyone that competed brought something beautiful, unique, dynamic and fierce to the table - which has renewed my inspiration this highly complex and bedazzling art form that I fell in love with just a little over a decade ago. (Shout-ou to Heather Wayman of USA, and Shirleen of Japan).

Anjelica Scannura
BDUC Judge, Hall of Fame Member, Dual Champion of the Universe

* ----- *

Hi Atlantis:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing you dance. Your mastery of dance, belly dance in particular, and your own body holds such depth and understanding.

You've always been unique, very much your own person, and still are!

With appreciation always,

Susan Cole

* ----- *

Still aglow with the exhilaration of this well produced event!   I had a great time at the 33rd Bellydancer of the Universe Competition

Another first for Tonya and Atlantis, always creating class and inspiration in our dance community!

Anisa, it was fun having time to visit.   Atlantis, you looked so beautiful and made everyone so happy with a seamless stellar time.   I'm already enthused about August 2024!!


A Brief Visual History of Bellydancer of the Universe ®

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Tonya and Atlantis and Bellydancer of the Universe® were honored with a prestigious award from Diamond Pyramid at Cairo ShimmyQuake, June 3 and 4, 2017 for their long-standing contributions to the art of bellydancing. Pictured in the photo next to Atlantis is Jayna Manoushe, fellow workshop instructor with Atlantis at CSQ, and Emile Siah, producer of CSQ. Atlantis' workshop was a sellout as well as the Saturday night show. Thank-you Diamond Pyramid for starring Atlantis in 2017. Diamond Pyramid is a 28-year sponsor of Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition.

Tonya and Atlantis are available for workshops at your event globally and on Skype.
You've taken a class from the rest, now learned from the best  ...... You could be the next Bellydancer of the Universe®!



Dear Tonya, Atlantis and Vince

Thank you.

I am so happy!

I have worked so hard for this. I practiced almost every day without thinking about the place I would get, because I did it for the passion I feel for Belly dance. I believe that if you feel confidence and passion for what you do in life, you will get rewarded. It is like if you have won the competition even before it had started.

I really love the way this competition was organized, adding new categories and always innovating is awesome. Being part of such an important and prestigious event was amazing. Bellydancer of the Universe and now Global Bellydance Expo are really exciting experiences every bellydancer should live.

The fact of being the champion of the universe 2018 is one of the most incredible and inspiring experience I have ever had. However, I must say that this is also the most challenging competition I have ever been part of, but I know that all the effort has rewards.

I enjoyed every single second I spent on stage. In the same way, it was a pleasure sharing stage with amazing and talented dancers. We are all winners!

Additionally, I would like to make a special recognition to all the judges and sponsors for supporting this fabulous competition.  

Sending Love and kisses

Georgette, Champion of the Universe 2018

Winner of Southern California Regional Champion 2017, 2nd Runner Up Specialty Prop Category and People's Choice 2017

1)   Champion of the Universe 2018
2)   Champion Fusion Category 2018
3)   1st Runner up Drum Solo Category 2018
4)   People’s Choice Drum Solo Category 2018&
5)   1st Runner up Speciality Prop Category 2018
6)   People’s Choice Speciality Prop Category 2018

PD: I want to dedicate these awards to my country Venezuela. I'm giving you a little bit of joy inside the chaos you are living. You are in my prayers

Georgette is from Caracas, Venezuela. She discovered Oriental Dance in 2010. She recently moved to L.A. where she has performed at different venues in Los Angeles and Orange County, delighting the audience with her grace and elegant style.

Besides being a professional Belly dancer, Georgette got her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in Venezuela. She is also a professional make-up artist, and she has modeled in TV commercials and danced in Music videos. 

Georgette considers herself as a devoted student of this beautiful art and now she is bringing her fun and particular style to the communities, teaching belly dance to Kids and Women (Spanish and English Speakers) at the City hall of Paramount, CA.

The most important thing she has learned from Belly dance is the opportunity to inspire and learn from others no matter the language, religion or race.   


Querida Tonya, Atlantis y Vince


¡Estoy tan feliz!

He trabajado muy duro para esto. Practiqué casi todos los días sin pensar en el lugar que obtendría, porque lo hice por la pasión que siento por la danza del vientre. Creo que si sientes confianza y pasión por lo que haces en la vida, serás recompensado. Es como si hubiera ganado la competencia incluso antes de que comenzara.

Realmente me encanta la forma en que se organizó esta competencia, agregar nuevas categorías y siempre innovar es increíble. Ser parte de un evento tan importante y prestigioso fue increíble. Bellydancer of the Universe y ahora Global Bellydance Expo son experiencias realmente emocionantes que toda bellydancer debería vivir.

El hecho de ser la campeona del universo 2018 es una de las experiencias más increíbles e inspiradoras que he tenido. Sin embargo, debo decir que ésta es también la competencia más desafiante de la que he formado parte, pero sé que todo el esfuerzo tiene recompensas.

Disfruté cada segundo que pasé en el escenario. De la misma manera, fue un placer compartir el escenario con bailarinas increíbles y talentosos. Todos somos ganadores!

Además, me gustaría hacer un reconocimiento especial a todos los jueces y patrocinadores por apoyar esta fabulosa competencia.

Enviando amor y besos

Georgette, Campeona del Universo 2018

Ganador del Campeonato regional del sur de California 2017, 2do lugar en la Categoría de Prop y favorita del publico 2017

1)   Champion of the Universe 2018
2)   Champion Fusion Category 2018
3)   1st Runner up Drum Solo Category 2018
4)   People’s Choice Drum Solo Category 2018 
5)   1st Runner up Speciality Prop Category 2018
6)   People’s Choice Speciality Prop Category 2018

PD: Quiero dedicar estos premios a mi país, Venezuela. Te estoy dando un poco de alegría dentro del caos que estás viviendo. Están en mis plegarias.

Georgette es de Caracas, Venezuela. Ella descubrió el baile oriental en 2010. Recientemente se mudó a Nueva York, donde ha actuado en diferentes lugares en Los Ángeles y el condado de Orange, deleitando a la audiencia con su gracia y estilo elegante.

Además de ser una bailarina de danza del vientre profesional, Georgette obtuvo su Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas en Venezuela. También es una artista profesional de maquillaje, y ha modelado anuncios de televisión y bailado en videos musicales.

Georgette se considera una estudiante devota de este bello arte y ahora está llevando su estilo divertido y particular a las comunidades, enseñando danza del vientre a niñas y mujeres (hispanohablantes ) en la alcaldía de Paramount, California.

Lo más importante que ha aprendido de Belly Dance es la oportunidad de inspirar y aprender de los demás sin importar el idioma, la religión o la raza.

Thank you



Hi Atlantis!!

I’m doing fantastic...on cloud 9!! I hope you and Tonya are recovering well!

I have such a deep respect for BDUC, the format you made, and how hard it is to get through it all to win these categories, wow...it’s easy to say that this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in dance. It was worth every second. With that said, thank you so much for everything, I can’t say it enough and express how grateful I am...my world has changed so much now. I feel like I owe you so much. Seriously if there is anything I can do to help you out please let me know...I don’t want to win and walk away. I’d like to support in any way you’ll let me so talk to me about it and let me know your thoughts! I will definitely be in Vegas, and CSQ in June, and if you’re not tired of me I’ll be in San Francisco too lol! Talk to you soon :) <3


1)   Champion Egyptian Category 2018
2)   Champion Universal Category 2018



It was a joy for me to compete in BDUC SoCal regionals. I got to share the stage with the wonderful local dancers and was lucky to get the 1st runner up award. 

The day before the competition I attended "Get the Creative Edge" workshop taught by Atlantis. The class was very fun and helpful. Atlantis pointed out what I (and all the other dancers in the class) should work on and improve in our technique and style. I loved that the class was very interactive, all of us got to watch each other and we also got detailed feedback from the instructor. The class gave me a self-confidence I needed before the competition. I would totally recommend workshops taught by Atlantis for both professional dancers with years of experience as well as mature dancers who are just in the beginning of their dance path, since the class gives us dancers the inspiration we all need! 

Thank you Atlantis!"  -- Mary W.


Sadie Marquardt: "Still smiling after and amazing weekend at BDUC!! Congratulations to all the contestants. I saw some amazing talent this weekend. It was great to see so many friends. My favorite part of the weekend was dancing with my students live on stage to Amir Sofi for their certification. You ladies rocked!!!! I am so proud. Thank you Tonya and Atlantis Long for another amazing event! You put your heart into it and it shows, it is by far one of the World's, and the Universe's, best events. Was an honor to be part of it!"


Mahira: "I had a fab time at BDUC in Long Beach yesterday! Thanks to Atlantis Long and Tonya for once again coordinating a fantastic event. You both give so much to the dance community. (If you haven't been to BDUC, go check it out today for the finals and a spectacular show to follow). Thank you xoxo"


Fahtiem: Dear Tonya and Atlantis, Thank you soooo much ! I had a great time and spent "MUCHO" money with the venders! Atlantis you looked HOT!! It was great to see Andy looking and sounding so good! Congratulations on a great event!! Sending Lots of Love.


Leila Farid: Thank you BDUC for letting me connect with so many old friends and giving me the opportunity to make a few new ones. It was a pleasure to watch so many wonderful dancers put everything into their performances. It made judging terribly difficult. Tonya and Atlantis, you really bring the community together. Amazing to have so much talent and knowledge in one place! Thanks again to Taji for her unlimited hospitality.


Maryam Raks Sharqi: Thanks for all your comments!! we are so happy and gratefully!!! Hard work receive good results, BDUC is a big family and i was so happy see all of you again!!! Yeeiii!!! We love you too Atlantis & Tonya!! thanks soo much!! BDUC ROCKS!!!!!

Courtney: Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! This is my 2nd year coming to BDUC and once again, I am leaving completely inspired and excited to get back to work. It is always a privilege to see such tremendously talented bellydancers come together from all over the world to perform and the energy of the weekend was so positive - from the judges to the volunteers to the other dancers. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this event and to the community. I'll see you next year for sure, and hopefully sooner! Warmly, Courtney.



Mireya Yamilet Figueroa: Thank you tonya , atlantis and staff is so professionalalways is the new and amazing experience for me . I really happy xoxo !!


Angelika Nemeth: Dear Tonya & Atlantis, Before more time goes by I want to thank you both for honoring my body of work by giving me the Life time achievement award. It means a lot to me and it was a wonderful surprise! I enjoyed the event even more this year because I did not have the added stress of competition and I loved that it was back in the upstairs ballroom. As always, kudos to you both for putting on such a high caliber event. It is a wonderful legacy you have been creating. I look forward to BDUC 2013. Thank you and love to you both.


Sahra Carolee Kent: What a beautiful whirlwind weekend at BDUC! The talent was amazing! All the great dancers and creative ideas are wonderful to watch, but very difficult to judge - so many good dancers. Thank you Tonya and Atlantis Long for all your hard work and dedication! Love, Sahra


Helena Vlahoss: You are right Sahra, It was amazing! I loved every minute of it. And it really was difficult to judge so many amazing contestants. Tonya and Atlantis Long did it again, making this event the most prestigious competition, Bellydancer of the Universe (BDUC).


Cassandra Fox: I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU for once again putting together such a wonderful event. It was my second year attending and once again I had a fantastic time. The competitors are all so warm and friendly and your staff and volunteers are asbolutely fantastic. They are helpful, friendly and cheerful. They are in part what makes the event so great. You really have put together an excellent team. I loved the new location in the Promenade ballroom as well. Tonya and Atlantis run a great competition and event. Their effort and experience shows. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


testimonial 1

testimonial 2

testimonial 3


Dear Tonya, Atlantis and Vince,

You are a stellar family!  I hope you are all feeling rested and pleased with BDUC 27  It is clear to me and anyone who can see, that you are fabulously experienced and professional and most likely possess magical powers that allow you to succeed against tough challenges. I applaud and thank you again for all the nice gifts, lunch both days, parking and especially the privilege of being on your judges panel .... all but year 1. I truly am eager to being with you in 2018 and look forward to the changes. 

Again, thank you and bless you for your talent, passion and Love as Friends and Dance Family!!!  Love, mz --

Dancing at the Speed of Delight!


"If you`re having a Bellydance Festival or Competition, ATLANTIS MUST BE PART OF IT. She is SO PROFESSIONAL with an exceptional class about how to improve in a contest with so important tips she is expert and another class of finger cymbals that I believe is one of her specialities. Her dancing is so unique!!! Nowdays with so many dancers in the world (all doing the same and many without personal style) you need to have someone special like SPECTACULAR and CREATIVE ATLANTIS!!!! People here in MEXICO loved her!!!! Thank you Atlantis for being here, it was a faboulous weekend!" -- Maria Shazadi, Mexico City Producer


"Atlantis being a very dynamic performer herself brings the same quality into her coaching. Therefore, making every minute of your time count with important information with her vast knowledge in performance, entertainment and competition aspects of belly dancing. She will advise on costuming, prop usage, zil paying, artistic and technical choices of choreography sections all in the meanwhile leaving the final decision to the artist never enforcing her own opinions. Her feedback is clear, straightforward and to the point to make immediate improvements. She will spend time to make sure you drill the choreography or sections of it adequately during your time together with her before taking it on your own. Her fun and care taking personality makes your study a delight and a very valuable capture of new skills." - Nilay Engen


"I have always been proud to have participated in BDUC and know that it was helpful in my career, so THANKS !!!" -- Jillina


"To All.
Atlantis is the best EMCEE and a very good dancer - you should invite her. She will be a great addition to your show!" ---
Dr Samy Farag/ Sphinx Records - Champion of the Universe Sponsor.


valentine heart

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