Based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA
Global Event in February in Anaheim

Regionals held in

June, Los Angeles, CA, SoCal
September, Las Vegas, Nevada 
November, San Francisco, CA, NoCal
December, Christmas Party

Presented by Tonya and Atlantis
and Produced by Bellydancer of the Universe®, ©2018

28th Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
FEBRUARY 17 & 18, 2018
at the Business Expo Center
1960 So Anaheim Way, Anaheim, CA 92805


25th Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe® Competitions

2015 BDUC Champions

~Champion of the Universe = Jasmina Egyptian Category – CA
~Universal Champion = Roxy – WA
1st RU = Nilay - Turkey
2nd RU = Georgia Michelle - CO
3rd RU = Nadirah – CA
Congeniality: Nilay - Turkey
People's Choice: Roxy – WA
~Egyptian Champion = Jasmina – CA
1st RU = Roxy – WA
2nd RU = Heaven Mousalem – CA
3rd RU = Victoria – Ukraine
Congeniality: Lunaya - AZ
People's Choice:  Antheya – AZ

~Group Champion = Raqs Sharki Movement Collective – AZ
1st RU = Raks El Hawat – Mexico
2nd RU = Ya Amar Bellydance Troupe - Mexico
3rd RU = Butterflies – CA
Congeniality: Layla & the Lotus Dancers - CA
People's Choice: Raks El Hawat - Mexico
~Drum Solo Champion = Heaven Mousalem - CA
1st RU = Natika – Russia
2nd RU = Jizzelle - CA
3rd RU = Prenali – India
Congeniality: Jizzelle - CA
People's Choice: Jizzelle - CA
~Taxsim Champion = Nilay - Turkey
1st RU = Carol - WA
2nd RU = Elena Nayiri - CO
3rd RU = Cabernet - CA
People's Choice: Carol - WA
~Specialty Props Champion = Roxy – WA
1st RU = Maryam - Mexico
2nd RU= Carol – WA
3rd  RU = Rachel – CA
Congeniality: Maryam – Mexico
People's Choice: Maryam – Mexico
~Fusion Champion = Gaia – Costa Rica
1st RU = Tatiana – Russia
2nd RU = Rachel – CA
3rd RU = Natika - Russia
Congeniality:  Gaia – Costa Rica
People's Choice: Tatiana – Russia
~Junior Champion = Amy – CA
1st RU = Jocelyn – CA
2nd RU = Janellie – CA
~Little Champion = Ariatna - Mexico
1st RU = Alena - Russia
2nd RU = Gena Rose – CA
3rd RU = Isabella - CA


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