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Winners of the BDUC 2004 - SEE PHOTOS BELOW

14th Annual Bellydancer of the UniverseŽ Competitions

NOTICE: If anyone has tapes of the news release on the competitions, we would be interested in having them for PR use. Please call Atlantis at 562 433 6615. Thanks.

Junior Champion: Viridiana
1st Runner Up: Tiger Lily

Divine Champion: Avianna
1st Runner-Up: Azar
TIE for 2nd Runner-Up: Jheri St. James and Najma
People's Choice: Jheri St. James
Halame Congeniality: Avianna

Fusion: Champion: Habib
1st Runner-Up: Diosa
2nd Runner-Up: Mayumi
People's Choice: Habib
Halame Congeniality: Jenna

Group: Champion: Midnight Mirage
1st Runner-Up: Troupe Oh La La
2nd Runner-Up: Devadasi
People's Choice: IO
Halame Congeniality: IO

Egyptian: Champion: Ava Fleming
1st Runner-Up: Sa'diyya
2nd Runner-Up: Zephyra
3rd Runner-Up: Elisheva
People's Choice: Ava Fleming
Halame Congeniality: Ava Fleming

Universal: Champion: Jamileh
1st Runner-Up: Sa'diyya
2nd Runner-Up: Jasmina
3rd Runner-Up: Habib
People's Choice: Habib
Halame Congeniality: Mimi


Junior Category
Winners, Junior Category
L-R: Champion, Viridiana, (So. Calif), Tonya, Atlantis, and 1st RU Tiger Lily (So. Calif)

Winner, Junior Category
Above: L-R: Atlantis, Center: Viridiana, (So CA) Champion, Junior Category, and Tonya

DIVINE CATEGORY: CHAMPION: Avianna (So CA) pictured below with Tonya
Divine Category winner


2nd RU Divine Category
Tie: Jheri St James (So CA)
and Najma (So CA)

Halame Divine Category congeniality award: Avianna (So CA)

Divine Category 1st RU
1st RU, Divine Category, Azar (No. CA)
pictured above with Tonya

Divine Category Peoples Choice Award:
Jheri St James (So CA)

L-R: Atlantis, 1st RU Diosa (AZ) , Champion Habib (AZ), 2nd RU Mayumi (NY), and Tonya
Fusion Category Winners

Fusion Champion
Above: Center: Fusion Champion, Habib (AZ)
(also the Peoples Choice Award Winner!) with Tonya and Atlantis.

Fusion, Halame Congeniality Award, Jenna (No. CA)

Seen on Channel 13, 11, 9, 7 and 2 BD/TV all day coverage.

Group Category: L-R: Midnight Mirage (UT), Champions; Troupe Ooh La La (No CA) 1st RU; Devadasi (So CA) 2nd Runner Up; Atlantis and Tonya in front row.

Group Category Champions: Midnight Mirage Dance Company (UT) with Atlantis and Tonya

Peoples Choice and Halame Congeniality Awards, Group Category: IO (So CA)

Universal Category contestants
Egyptian Category:
L-R: Tonya; Harry Saroyan, Sponsor; Ralph Karapetian, Sponsor; 1st RU Sa'Diyya (TX); 2nd RU Zephyra (UT); 3rd RU Elisheva (So CA);
Ava Flemming (AZ) Egyptian Champion and Halame Congeniality Award Winner and People's Choice Award.. Kneeling in front, Atlantis.

L-R: Tonya, Harry Saroyan, Ava Flemming (AZ) Egyptian Champion, Ralph Karapetian, and Atlantis.

Universal Contestants
Front, L-R: Jamileh (UT) Champion; Atlantis; Habib (AZ) 3rd RU.
Back, L-R: Ralph Karapetian; Harry Saroyan; Tonya; Sa'diyye (TX) 1st RU; Jasmina (So CA), 2nd RU.

Universal Winners
L-R: Universal Champion Jamileh (UT); Atlantis; Tonya; Habib (AZ) 3rd RU and People's Choice Award.

Universal Champion

Universal Champion, Jamileh (UT)

Universal Halame Congeniality Award: Mimi (So CA)

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