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32nd Annual Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
& Global Belly Dance X-PO
Saturday, April 30, 2022 and Sunday, May 1, 2022!

~ Exclusive Award Winning Master Judging Panel found only at Bellydancer of the Universe ®
and giving you comprehensive feedback on your performance! ~

Any questions, please email Atlantis: ; or text: 310.990.9549
for payments ONLY -- Thank You!


 NO Refunds For Contestants in any of our Competitions. Thank you.


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  Category Info: Body of the Universe

        Video Submission Deadline: April 5, 2022!

Downloadable pdf ('Right-click, Download File As' on the pink "click here"): click here to view the pdf in a new window

Please *download, print, fill out, and email* this form to, with proof of payment. Thank you!

3 Payment Options:

1) Zelle using:
2) PayPal using:
3) Venmo using:

Please include a note to seller with the following info: Legal Name, Stage Name, Personal email & Catogries entering.

Text 310.990.9549 for more info.

         More Prizes and Judges to be announced!

              Sponsor a Contestant!

~*~ Video Submission Information ~*~

~ MP4 video format.

~ Any music.   Please tell us the song used.

~ Videos *MUST NOT* contain any promotional logos of any kind unless they specifically pertain to someone that is sponsoring you in this competition.

~ Your 30 second introduction should include your name, where you are from, your titles (if any), sponsorship (if any), and tell us your work out passion.

~ Start your time the minute your performance starts and stay within the allotted time frame, or unfortunately, if you go over the time limit, *you will be disqualified*.

~ Please keep your entire body within the camera frame: head to toe and arm to arm so that a *full view* of you and your movements can be seen by the judges at all times.

NOTE: The above is a very brief description, and a fully detailed work packet will come to you with the complete information you need after you registration is received.

Need Help with how to do a video on your iPhone?
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Family Friendly Performances Only

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