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Bellydancer of the Universe« Competition 2016

Upcoming Event, Sun, Jan 24, 2016

 Oriental Dance Star Gigi Dilsha direct from Turkey
will be at Bellydancer of the Universe® 26

 See her video below:


BDUC 2016
Looking forward to seeing you at "BDUC 26" February 2016, in beautiful Long Beach, California, USA -- Home of the Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition, celebrating 26 years of bringing dance diversity and education to Long Beach.

Promo Video BDUC 26


25th Annual Bellydancer of the Universe® Competitions

Atlantis dancing to Live band at Masri San Francisco
at the after party Cairo Nights show 8/29/15 with Susu Band


Belly Dancer of the Universe 2010 Mashup Gurls - BDUC 25 Sadie returns in 2015!

2015 BDUC Champions

~Champion of the Universe = Jasmina Egyptian Category - CA

~Universal Champion = Roxy - WA

1st RU = Nilay - Turkey

2nd RU = Georgia Michelle - CO

3rd RU = Nadirah - CA 

Congeniality: Nilay - Turkey 

People's Choice: Roxy - WA


~Egyptian Champion = Jasmina - CA

1st RU = Roxy - WA

2nd RU = Heaven Mousalem - CA

3rd RU = Victoria - Ukraine

Congeniality: Lunaya - AZ 

People's Choice:  Antheya - AZ

~Group Champion = Raqs Sharki Movement Collective - AZ


1st RU = Raks El Hawat - Mexico

2nd RU = Ya Amar Bellydance Troupe - Mexico

3rd RU = Butterflies - CA

Congeniality: Layla & the Lotus Dancers - CA 

People's Choice: Raks El Hawat - Mexico


~Drum Solo Champion = Heaven Mousalem - CA


1st RU = Natika - Russia

2nd RU = Jizzelle - CA

3rd RU = Prenali - India

Congeniality: Jizzelle - CA

People's Choice: Jizzelle - CA


~Taxsim Champion = Nilay - Turkey

1st RU = Carol - WA

2nd RU = Elena Nayiri - CO

3rd RU = Cabernet - CA

People's Choice: Carol - WA


~Specialty Props Champion = Roxy - WA

1st RU = Maryam - Mexico

2nd RU= Carol - WA

3rd  RU = Rachel - CA

Congeniality: Maryam - Mexico

People's Choice: Maryam - Mexico


~Fusion Champion = Gaia - Costa Rica

1st RU = Tatiana - Russia

2nd RU = Rachel - CA

3rd RU = Natika - Russia 

Congeniality:  Gaia - Costa Rica 

People's Choice: Tatiana - Russia


~Junior Champion = Amy - CA


1st RU = Jocelyn - CA

2nd RU = Janellie - CA


~Little Champion = Ariatna - Mexico

1st RU = Alena - Russia

2nd RU = Gena Rose - CA

3rd RU = Isabella - CA








Bellydancer of the Universe® Receives 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Best of Long Beach Award

"If you`re having a Bellydance Festival or Competition, ATLANTIS MUST BE PART OF IT. She is SO PROFESSIONAL with an exceptional class about how to improve in a contest with so important tips she is expert and another class of finger cymbals that I believe is one of her specialities. Her dancing is so unique!!! Nowdays with so many dancers in the world (all doing the same and many without personal style) you need to have someone special like SPECTACULAR and CREATIVE ATLANTIS!!!! People here in MEXICO loved her!!!! Thank you Atlantis for being here, it was a faboulous weekend!" -- Maria Shazadi, Mexico City Producer

Some of Atlantis TV appearances:

We cannot be responsible for whether or not YouTube is working properly at any given time. If the video does not play, please try again later. 

 "I have always been proud to have participated in BDUC and know that it was helpful in my career, so THANKS !!!" -- Jillina

Atlantis, BDUC co producer,  bellydancing Isis Wings, Atlantis DancingAtlantis on Stage performing with Isis Wings

Tonya and Atlantis, Mother Daughter Duo Bellydancers


Dear Tonya, Atlantis and Vince,

I wish to thank you for attending the benefest last Sunday in Temecula on my behalf. Thank you for MC-ing Tonya, thank you for dancing Atlantis and thank you for your moral support Vince. I am so sorry it was so cold that afternoon and sorry for what you had to endure in order to be there. I know Sabrina and Lady Brenda meant well and after all they would never have known it was going to be that cold and windy. You and your family have been dear friends to me for years. I am deeply touched by all that you do and continue to do for me. May you continue on your dance journey for many years yet to come and may you continue to bring joy to the masses of people that love and admire you. Most of all ME! God Bless you all.

Sincerely, John Bilezikjian
Dantz Records ww

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